Feves Art Gallery Exhibit Schedule

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Betty Feves Memorial Gallery Exhibits

2017-18 Academic Year


Current Exhibit


Annual BMCC Student Art Show

May 14 - May 31, 2018

Opening Reception: Monday, May 14, 11am-1pm

The annual BMCC Student Art Show highlights the work of art students at BMCC.  Work will be representative of the art courses offered at BMCC and will include a variety of two-dimensional and three-dimensional pieces, including drawing, painting, sculpture and ceramics. Each year a local arts professional is invited to judge the show and select awards. Gallery visitors can also vote for the People’s Choice Award.



Upcoming Exhibits


The 2018-19 Exhibit Schedule will be announced soon!


 Past Exhibits

 Susan Burnes Community

Art About Agriculture: Places to Thrive

Oregon State University, College of Agricultural Sciences, Art About Agriculture Show

September 25 - October 26, 2017 

Established in 1983, Art About Agriculture is an annual invitational art exhibition organized by the College of Agricultural Sciences, Oregon State University, through its Art About Agriculture program. The exhibition features fine art by professional and emerging Pacific Northwest artists that is inspired by, based on and portraying agriculture and this year’s theme of Places to Thrive. The Art About Agriculture exhibition coincides with the grand opening of the new FARM (Facility for Agricultural Resource Management) building on BMCC’s Pendleton campus.

Image: Susan E. Burnes, Community, Fiber, 24” x 24” x 1.5”


 5 Parts C Troutman for publicity

Christopher Troutman: Drawn Narratives

November 9 - December 7, 2017

Drawn Narratives consists of large-scale, multi-sectioned drawings by Texas artist Christopher Troutman. The images depict human figures in contemporary urban settings based on his experiences and observations of the two places he lives each year, the United States and Japan. Influenced by comic books, he divides his drawings into multiple sections and uses shifting vantage points. While the artist is unable to attend the reception, BMCC writing students will be reading poems inspired by the drawings.

Christopher received a Master of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting from California State University, Long Beach and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting from Bradley University in Illinois.

Thank you to the Umatilla County Cultural Coalition for their support of this exhibit!

Image: 5-Part Story: Recycling, charcoal on paper, 64" x 64"



 Watercolor Society of Oregon Traveling Show

 January 8 - February 15, 2018

The Watercolor Society of Oregon (WSO) Traveling Show is stopping at the Betty Feves Memorial Gallery as part of its five month tour throughout Oregon.

The exhibit consists of 20 award-winning paintings that were selected from WSO’s bi-annual juried exhibition of 80 pieces by noted artist and juror Paul Jackson.  

WSO is a statewide organization founded in 1966 with over 900 members.

Image: Catherine Cramer, Breezy Afternoon, watercolor, 22" x 33"



Claire B. Jones: A Perception of Failure

February 22 - March 22, 2018

Claire’s work explores the idea that failure is partly about perception. In this unique exhibit, Claire displays a statement next to each piece explaining why it failed to meet her original objective. The viewer can then include this in their analysis and see if it alters their opinion of the piece. Does learning about something the artist considers an imperfection change what they think about the piece? This concept, of course, can apply to more than just art. The intent of the exhibit is to encourage students to think about their own experiences and ideas about failure.

Claire explains, “Judgment, both self and social, real and perceived, is something which we all have to deal with on a regular basis. By putting the artist’s judgmental comment next to each piece the viewer will be able to contrast their viewpoint with that of the artist’s.”

The show featured a selection of whimsical, brightly colored, self-supporting sculptures created with a sewing machine.

Claire holds a Certificate in Design Level III from City and Guilds of London, and several certificates from the Gail Harker Creative Studies Center including Experimental Research for Advanced Design, Advanced Experimental Stitch, and Design and Experimental Machine Stitch.

Image: Outburst 1, cotton canvas, thread, 10" x 8" x 5"



Yelena Roslaya: Touch the Sound

April 5 - May 3, 2018

Yelena’s work is inspired by the way humans perceive and process sound. She designed this exhibit to educate viewers about hearing-motion synesthesia. The exhibit will include an installation of sculptures that function as drums. As viewers interact with each sculpture drum, a projection of different shapes and colors will appear on a wall or digital screen, based on Yelena’s personal hearing-motion synesthesia experiences and research. The show is meant to be interactive and viewers are encouraged to interact with the pieces.

Yelena received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Ceramics from the Oregon College of Art and Craft (OCAC).