What makes a starting college athlete

Winter Term Final

By Cheyenne Friend


What makes a starting college athlete?

What makes a college athlete a starter to me is, one who is determined to improve and go further.    

This person must have an attitude of a winner. They can handle bad calls and keep their head up when they make a mistake.

Their attitude and work ethic will be coachable.     

This college athlete has the mind of hustling everywhere. The athlete will know the game and if they are confused will ask why, in understanding the concept of the play.    

To be a starter of any sport, you will notice that this person has a good attitude and they will want to learn more.    

Also the starter will be in good health, fit, fresh, and ready to go! To me a starter athlete comes into season ahead of the game. Not behind. This person knows how to throw the ball right, slide, dive, pickles, hit, run, catch. The basics of softball or any other college sport. They will know most rules and try their best to follow them.     

To me these are the basic needs to being a starting college athlete.