We Are Committed

We here at BMCC are Committed to Completion.  We want you to succeed by completing your certificate and degree programs.  The Library Staff joins with Phi Theta Kappa, ASG, your Faculty and Staff and the entire BMCC community to support your success. Check out videos and more from the Community College Completion Corps!

Next time you are in class, take a look around. Chances are that one out of four of your classmates will not be there by the end of the year. For Hispanic, African American and economically underserved students, the numbers are likely to be higher.

And those of you who stick around should prepare for a long stay – only 20 percent of community college students complete their credentials in three years. The drive to improve college completion rates in the United States has become a national education mandate, and we need your leadership, your drive and your commitment.

The International Officers of Phi Theta Kappa have formed the CCCC – the Community College Completion Corps. We are committed to completing our degrees and we are calling on you to educate your fellow students on the importance of staying the course and completing a college credential.

Get committed to completion at BMCC and connect with the resources to get you there:

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society: Beta Delta Zeta Chapter

BMCC Associated Student Government

BMCC Student Ambassadors

. . . and many more! Check out the Student Life page!

Top 10 Reasons for Completing Community College

1. You’ll earn more! Students who complete their associate degree or certificate can expect to earn asmuch as $8,000 more per year and about $400,000 more in a lifetime than a high school graduate.

2. You’ll be prepared! People change jobs up to 10 times in their working lives – and when you are job-hunting, a college credential will always give you an edge.

3. Credential holders also are more likely to retain jobs. Unemployment for community college graduates is typically 30 percent lower than for high school grads.

4. You’ll encounter fewer barriers to transfer! Many state college systems have articulation agreements that guarantee transfer of community college credits when associate degree students enter state universities. You’ll save time and money by not having to repeat courses or take courses you did not know you needed.

5. You’ll have the personal satisfaction of reaching your educational goal and having something tangible to show for it – something valued by employers, scholarship officials and transfer recruiters.

6. You’ll help reverse a national trend in the declining number of college graduates, and you’ll also open doors for your children. Children of college graduates are more likely to graduate themselves.

7. You and your family’s health will improve. Research links greater educational attainment to longer life, healthful eating, exercising and avoiding risk factors. Better-educated people are quicker to change behaviors in response to new evidence. Better-educated people have higher incomes, making them more likely to have health insurance and live in safer neighborhoods with better access to recreational facilities and grocery stores.

8. You will be more likely to promote environmental sustainability.

9. You’ll be more likely to volunteer, vote, contribute to charity, serve on boards and run for office.

10. You’ll be an educated, prepared and higher-paid employee, providing support for federal, state and local governments and helping the national workforce be competitive and productive in the global economy.




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Isabella (not verified):

Those aren't very good odds but hopefully there will be students who realize that they need to stay in college because there are no jobs for them now. Getting the best prepared for when there are is best.

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