Official transcripts may be ordered by completing a Transcript Request form found on BMCC’s website at
The fee is $5 per transcript. See the “College Costs” section of the catalog for additional costs associated with Rush or International transcript requests. This form may be mailed, faxed, or hand delivered to any BMCC location. The request must include the students name, student identification number, period of enrollment, where the transcript is to be sent (must include full name of college, university or individual and associated mailing address), student’s signature and payment of the appropriate transcript fee per number of transcripts ordered.
No other person may receive a copy of the student’s transcript or undertake to pick it up for the student unless the student authorizes release of records in writing. The college reserves the right to withhold official transcripts from students who owe monies to Blue Mountain Community College. If an official transcript is requested by a student who owes monies, the student is notified that there is a balance owing and given information on how to resolve the issue.
Transfer Transcripts: If a student has taken course work at another college that applies to a program at BMCC, the student must see that the Registrar’s Office receives an official (sealed) transcript of that work. Only official transcripts from regionally accredited U.S. institutions will be considered. Once received, transcripts become the property of the Registrar’s Office. BMCC cannot provide anyone, including the student, a copy of a transcript from another school. Students should order a copy from their transfer institution for their personal use. Courses from other schools and colleges are never part of a student’s Blue Mountain Community College transcript. Transfer institutions may be noted on the BMCC transcript. Such records are not required for admission to BMCC, but may be required for financial aid, veterans’ reporting, admission to a special program, or meeting a course prerequisite.
(Information based on the printed 2013-14 Academic Catalog)