Tournament Registration is Open! Sign Up Now!

The registration page is up and running for both our Mario Kart Wii and Guitar Hero 5 tournaments on Saturday, November 14, from 9 AM to 3 PM!



Click here to go to the registration page, or swing by the library to sign up. Fill out the webforms to add your name to the list for either or BOTH game tournaments! Remember, we're limited to the first 24 players on each game, so sign up early to make sure you're in the running. (Or rocking, or racing, or whatever you wanna call it!)

Bring your games, bring your controllers, bring your systems to share! The library will have several systems set up for open play and a few titles, so be sure to bring your favorites to fill out what's available. Some of the library's systems don't have a full complement of controllers, so bring those if you can for multiplayer mayhem! Be ready to sign a quick release form before we plug your stuff in. Post a comment to let us know what to look forward to on the 14th!

We know there's a million questions out there, so go ahead and ASK!

COUNTDOWN: 10 days until . . . GAME ON!