Personal Counseling Services

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BMCC Personal Counseling Services

BMCC Counseling provides assistance in the areas of problem solving, adjustment issues, crisis intervention and other matters of personal concern that may interfere with your academic success at BMCC to currently-enrolled BMCC students. We offer short-term individual counseling, (approximately 5 sessions).  If you require services that are outside the scope of assistance provided by our department and/or involve long-term intensive or specialized care (in-patient treatment) you may be referred to an appropriate mental health provider in the community.

Availability of Service:

Personal counseling services are available two days per week during regular business hours in fall, winter, and spring terms. We also provide limited access to counseling services in the summer term. The department prefers to use appointments as the basis for seeing the counselor; however, if she is not scheduled with other students, meeting on an unscheduled, ‘drop-in’ basis is acceptable.

Appointments to see the counselor may be scheduled through the Health & Wellness Resource Center at 541-278-5965, or TRiO Student Support Services at: 541-278-5853. If you require emergency services when BMCC staff are unavailable, you are advised to contact Lifeways(Comprehensive Mental Health Services) at 541-276-6207. A 24-hour Crisis Services Line can be reached at: 866-343-4473.

Area Community Resources

For more information on local counseling and support resources please links listed below: