Garrett Lee Smith Memorial Library

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The Smith family and St. Anthony Hospital established a Memorial Fund in Garrett Smith’s honor to offer hope and healing for those struggling with mental illness.  From that fund rose the Garrett Lee Smith Memorial Library, which includes mental health, disease management, and wellness information available to the public to increase awareness of youth suicide and to prevent the often-tragic effects of depression.  With the move of St. Anthony Hospital to its new location in 2014, and the need to develop student health and wellness resources at Blue Mountain Community College, BMCC was granted the privilege of housing the Garrett Lee Smith Memorial Library.  

Through the Memorial Library and the new Student Health & Wellness Resource Center, students at BMCC will have access to services that provide information about a variety of health-related topics. Services will include workshops, educational materials, web links, peer mentors, resource referral, and counseling services.  The community is also invited to visit the library, located on the BMCC campus in Morrow Hall. 

Additional Information

For questions or additional information, please contact Cindy Womack, 541-278-5965, BMCC Student Health & Wellness Resource Coordinator.