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Home of the Garrett Lee Smith Memorial Library

Located in Morrow Hall

  • The Student Health & Wellness Resource Center seeks to provide services that educate students about a variety of health-related topics and give them access to resources that promote a healthy lifestyle.
  • The HWRC is home of the Garrett Lee Smith Memorial Library, established as a memorial fund in Garrett’s honor to offer hope and healing for those struggling with mental illness. The Library includes mental health, disease management, and wellness information available to the public to increase awareness of youth suicide and to prevent the often-tragic effects of depression.
  • The HWRC will engage students in developing personal skills and building an academic environment where well-being advances the capacity to learn, work, and contribute to society.
  • Program development will employ a whole-health perspective, addressing mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical concerns of students.
  • The HWRC will assess the needs of students with disabilities and provide appropriate resources, and facilitate the process of dealing with students of concern.

"Being Well" Newsletter

Being Well Newsletter

General Health Information

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Mental Health Information

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“Getting the Right Help at BMCC”

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