Placement Options

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Degree-seeking students are required to take placement assessments in math, writing, and reading or placed using a variety of other measures (see options listed below).  The assessment scores and or placement will assist your Academic Advisor by providing a basis for your educational plan.

The placement assessment is a self-paced, computerized test designed to determine the student’s level of ability and is used to assist in course placement. It is not a pass/fail exam.  Placement scores are valid for two years from the date the assessment was completed.  Students that have taken the math, reading, or writing assessment at BMCC or another college more than two years ago and have not taken a math, reading, and/or writing course since that time, will be required to take the placement assessments in that subject area.

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Placement assessment scores are uploaded into our student system on the following schedule:

  • 8 a.m., 10 a.m., Noon, 2 p.m., and 4:30 p.m.

MATH:  Progression Chart and ACCUPLACER Placement Chart

WRITING: Progression Chart and ACUCPLACER Placement Chart

Alternative Placement Options for Math, Reading, Writing

Other Placement Options:

Students are exempt from having to take the placement assessments if they meet one or more of the following circumstances:

  • Attended Another Regionally Accredited College: Completion of a reading, writing, and/or math courses with a “C” or better at another regionally accredited college. Be sure to submit a copy of your transcript (official or unofficial) to the Pendleton Testing Center;  
  • Placement Assessments Taken at Another College: Placement assessments (Accuplacer or Compass) within the last two (2) years.  If so, have a copy of your scores sent from their prior college to the Pendleton Testing Center.
  • AP or CLEP Test Scores: If you have taken an AP math or writing test within the last three (3) years, have your scores sent to BMCC/Admissions from the College Board.
  • Smarter Balanced Score:  You may be exempt from developmental education coursework in the academic year immediately following high school completion if you have earned an Achievement Level 3 or 4 on the Smarter Balanced grade 11 assessments in Mathematics and/or English and have successfully completed (grade C or better) relevant accelerated college credit options in Mathematics and/or English during your senior year.  See placement option details above.
  • High School Transcripts:  If you have completed a high school math course within the last 18 months prior to the start of the 2015-16 academic year, have your high school transcript sent to the Pendleton Testing Center for review. Your transcript would be used in conjunction with your math placement score to determine your math placement at BMCC.
  • Cumulative High School Grade Point Average (CGPA): If you graduated from high school within the last five years and your cumulative high school GPA was at least a 3.0 GPA have a copy of your high school transcript sent to BMCC/Admissions.  Your transcript must include the date you completed your high school diploma.

All BMCC locations administer placement assessments. Dates and times for testing are posted on the college website here.

Placement fee: 

  • BMCC Students: No fee
  • Not attending BMCC:$25 for the math, writing, and reading.

 Retakes: $5 for each subject area.  Students may retest an additional two times per subject area.

Testing Accommodations: Students that need to request a placement assessment with accommodations due to a documented disability, should contact the Student Health and Wellness Center Coordinator at 541-278-5965.