Constitution and Bylaws

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Constitution and Bylaws

All members fall under Blue Mountain Community College’s policy that:

There will be no discrimination or harassment on the grounds of race, color, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, age or disability in any educational programs, activities or employment.

Conditions of Membership

All club members must be current students or faculty at Blue Mountain Community College. Members of Smoke and Mirrors Literary Club will be expected to pay club dues with one of two payment options. Either $5.00 per month or a yearly fee of $30.00.

Conditions for students to lose club membership are as follows:

  • Plagiarism*
  • Theft
  • Harassment of other club members or their work

*If a student is caught plagiarizing, an investigation will take place to deem whether the act was accidental or purposeful. The student may be allowed to remain in the club if the incident occurs once accidently. Another incident will result in the student’s removal from the club. 

Voting Policy

All matters that result in club votes will be done by a show of hands. In case of a tie or club dispute, the club’s President will act as the tie-breaker, having the last official decision in the matter. 

Officer Positions

Members of Smoke and Mirrors Literary Club may be eligible to hold an officer position. Officer positions last one full academic year before a re-vote is taken. Re-votes will take place at the start of each academic year with a nomination and voting process. Re-votes for officer positions may also occur when a current officer graduates or there is an emergency.

Officers are also subject to club removal if there is a break in the conditions of membership. Officers must also retain a quarterly grade point average of 2.75 to remain in their position, otherwise they will be subject to office removal and a re-vote for their position will occur. 

Officer positions and their descriptions are as follows:

President: The President will be the officiator of all club meetings and must attend all club meetings, unless having asked the Vice President to fill in. The President will also be the one to contact school officials concerning club business matters. Also, the President will act as a tie-breaker if there is ever a need and has the ultimate power of delegation. 

Vice-President: The Vice-President must attend all meetings and fill in for the President as needed. The Vice-President will be in contact with school officials concerning club business matters. The Vice-President will take on other jobs as assigned by the President.

Secretary: The Secretary will be responsible for recording and keeping all club records including the minutes and student contact information.

Treasurer: The Treasurer will receive and keep track of all club funds. The Treasurer will collect and keep track of club membership dues and payments. The Treasurer will also act as a contact for the school board pertaining to the club’s funding. 

Marketing: The Marketer/s will be in charge of all club advertising and marketing. This job will include such things as creating posters and flyers, posting about club events via social media, and helping with club reach-out opportunities. 

 All rules and regulations are subject to change. Any student wishing to challenge or rebuke the official rules and regulations of Smoke and Mirrors Literary Club may contact Faculty Advisor, Alison Timmons.