Smoke and Mirrors Literary Club

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The Smoke and Mirrors Literary Club is open to all BMCC students with an interest in creative writing. Students with a desire to find or expand their writing skills will find a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere in which to read their works to a room of friends and peers; they will then have the opportunity to receive multiple perspectives on how others go about writing.

Aspiring writers will find themselves challenged to expand their own skill with regularly scheduled writing tasks. Ultimately, Smoke and Mirrors is a place where fellow writers gather to help each other improve their abilities and discover hidden talents.

            Consider joining Smoke and Mirrors if you are:

  • Looking for a writing critique group/partner
  • Trying to better your own creative writing skills
  • Are new to writing in college and are seeking assistance
  • Interested in entering BMCC’s annual writing competition
  • Are looking for a place to publically display/read your works

Smoke & Mirrors Literary Club Membership Application

For further information contact the group’s Faculty Advisor, Alison Timmons, by phone or e-mail:

To join the group’s e-mail list and receive updates on upcoming meetings and events, contact the group’s President, Rebekah Kerr, at