Meet the ASG Team

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Business Meetings: For Winter 2020 Term-

Tuesdays 3:00pm in the M-100 in Morrow Hall--- Meetings are open to students and staff.

2019/2020 ASG OFFICERS 

President- Emily Griffin

Vice-President-  Siobhan Holman

Secretary-  Paola Sanchez

Treasurer-  Daniel Garcia

Activities Coordinator-  Isabelle Soto

Outreach Coordinator-  Angel Aguilar

Publicity Coordinator-  Brandon Juarez

2019/2020 ASG SENATORS

Ellie Van Doozer

Lauryn Journot

Megan Van  Pelt


Meet YOUR Team 

Dan Doherty

Danny is this year Associated Student Government President. He is working on an Associates of Science degree with a focus in agriculture. Danny would like to wish everyone at BMCC a successful and enjoyable year and encourages all to reach out to the Associated Student Government to help make that possible.

 Jose Garcia Coria

Jose Romero is a second-year student at Blue Mountain Community College.  He is the Treasurer for Associated Student Government Student. Jose was raised in Eastern Oregon his whole life, apart from his first few months. He enjoys being active outdoors and in sports, but also loves spending time online with friends on the computer. Jose’s career plans are attaining his AAOT, applying for and hopefully acquiring an Amazon Data Tech Internship after working at Amazon for a few years, he may continue his education as a physical education teacher or computer teacher. Whether he does or not doesn’t affect his end goal of being a coach for the track team of his hometown of Irrigon.

Paola Sanchez

Paola Sanchez was born and raised in Hermiston, OR.  It is her Second-Year as a student at BMCC; she is the secretary for the Associated Student Government. Paola 1st year at BMCC she managed to keep a 4.0 for each term. Paola is studying for her  AAOT. She loves dogs, makeup, food, and The Office. If you ever need someone to talk to and you see her around campus, feel free to come up to her and say hi!

 Emily Griffin

Emily Griffin is a Second-Year student at Blue Mountain Community College. She served as a senator for the Associated Student Government last year. This year she is serving as Activities Coordinator for Associated Student Government. Emily is studying nursing and completed her EMT certificate last year and is now working for Pendleton Fire and Ambulance. She loves working and helping those in her community and the students at BMCC. 

Riley Gorham

Riley Gorham is a freshman in college. He is the publicity coordinator for this year's Associated Student Government. Riley is studying to become a nurse and would like to work in the E.R. Riley also has been an alpine ski racer for the past eight years. He enjoys backpacking on his own and appreciates the wildlife in the Wallowa-Eagle Cap mountain ranges. He is motivated to help other first-year students find success at Blue Mountain Community College.

Monica Silva 

Monica Silva is from Yakima, Washington. She was born and raised there for 18 years, and then she moved to Pendleton, OR. Monica is a Second-Year student at Blue Mountain Community College and her First-Year of serving as the Outreach Coordinator for the Associated Student Government.  Monica’s has two sisters and one brother; they are all younger than her, so she is the oldest. Monica enjoys reciting poetry, singing, being outdoors, playing soccer, and being with her family and friends. Her career plan is to finish her AAOT here at BMCC, after that, she plans on transferring to a 4-year University and getting her BA in Biology to then be able to transfer to a dental school and become a dentist. 

 Siobhan Holman

Siobhan Holman is from Pilot Rock, Oregon, and a Pilot Rock High School graduate. Siobhan is a Senator for Associated Student Government and is attending BMCC to receive her AAOT/Bus degree and transfer to a four year. She enjoys being in the outdoors, especially hiking, camping, and traveling. She has a deep love for animals, especially dogs and horses which she has shown during her high school years. She loves plants, but she tends to kill them very easily. She also enjoys yoga.

 Natalee Sherbahn

Natalee Sherbahn is from Echo, Oregon.  Natalee is a first-year student at Blue Mountain Community College and is a Senator for Associated Student Government. She plans to finish her AAOT, then goes on to double major in Bible Theology and education, then she would like to work in Orphanages in Africa. Natalee enjoys playing guitar and singing, as well as reading and writing. 

Zenda Simmons

Zenda Simmons is our nontraditional student in the sense that she is an adult returning to college to obtain her AAOT transfer degree. Zenda is a Senator for Associated Student Government. Her goal is to become a Career Counselor for a local community college. She currently holds a 3.01 overall GPA. Zenda has two children, a 16 almost 17-year-old son Wylie Wyant, and a 7-year-old daughter Willow Wyant who given their age gap keep her very busy. Zenda son’s ambitions are to become a chef, so he and she spend a great deal of time in the kitchen. Zenda makes western jewelry as a hobby, and at one time was a rodeo princess. 

Yessenia Rodriguez

Yessenia Rodriguez (aka T-Rex) is a second-year student at Blue Mountain Community College and a first-year Senator for  Associated Student Government. Yesenia is from Umatilla, OR., and is pursuing her AAOT in hopes of transferring to University of Oregon next fall. She enjoys relaxing at home while watching thrillers and comedy movies. Yesenia is very family oriented and is dedicated to helping out her fellow students here at BMCC.