COMPASS Cut Scores

Revised September 28, 2012
  "Scaled" Score Recommendation
Reading (RD)
Reading 0-30 000.790.00A Adult Basic Ed - Reading
Reading 31-60 RD090 Effective Reading Strategies
Reading 61-87 RD101 College Textbook Reading
Reading 88-100 RD120 Critical Thinking and Reading
Writing (WR)
Writing 0-32 LA035 Language Arts II
Writing 33-62 WR060 Elements of the Essay OR WR065 Technical Writing
Writing 63-87 WR115 Expository Writing
Writing 88-100 WR121 English Composition
Math (MTH)
Pre-Algebra 0-17 000.790.00A Adult Basic Ed - Math
Pre-Algebra 18-61 MTH025 Pre-Algebra
Pre-Algebra 62-100 MTH070 Elementary Algebra
Algebra 0-29 MTH025 Pre-Algebra
Algebra 30-60 MTH070 Elementary Algebra
Algebra 61-100 MTH095 Intermediate Algebra
College Algebra     0-32 Take Algebra Test or lower
College Algebra 33-54

MTH105 Intro to Math OR MTH111, College Algebra (Pre-calculus)

College Algebra 55-70 MTH112 Elementary Functions
College Algebra 71-100 MTH251 Calculus I
Trigonometry 46-99 MTH251 Calculus I