Students' Rights and Responsibilities


At Blue Mountain Community College, we support your right to actively question and seek constructive change in the college environment. We encourage you to express your views, opinions, and concerns in and around BMCC. Our goal is to promote diverse and critical thinking—it’s an important part of your college education. However, any kind of conduct that restrains either the freedom of expression or the freedom of movement of others who may not agree, or that is disruptive to college operations in any way, is not acceptable. As a learning community, all of us have an equal right to our own views, and BMCC is committed to keeping the college a safe place for all students, staff, and
community members.
The Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Code of Conduct document outlines the expectations we have of you as you participate on campus and in college activities. If you’d like to review or receive a complete copy of the Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Code of Conduct document, contact the registrar, the associate vice-president of enrollment management, or the Associated Student Government. You may also pick up a copy at the reserve desk in the college library. This statement is also online at this link.
(Information based on the printed 2013-14 Academic Catalog)