Graduation Requirements

Application for Degrees & Certificates

Students must apply to have their degree and or certificate posted to their official grade transcript.  To apply:

  1. Complete an Application for Certificate/Degree Completion.  Students should complete and return applications at least two (2) terms prior to program completion.
  2. Contact your academic advisor to review your application.  Your application must be signed by your academic advisor.
  3. Return your completed application to any BMCC location.  There is no fee to apply!

Please note:  as of 2012/2013 if, during a review of your transcript history, we find that you have completed your intended degree or certificate we will contact you to notify you that your degree or certificate will be posted unless you elect to "Opt out" of having your certificate or degree posted. 

Students will receive their certificate or diploma by mail. 

Curriculum Deviations

All requests for waivers and exceptions to requirements for degrees and certificates must be submitted to the Office of Instruction. Curriculum Deviation Forms are available on our staff web.