Military Educational Benefits

Veterans Administration Benefits to BMCC Students:

NEW information for Veterans, and dependents receiving VA Educational benefits:

BMCCs Veteran's Club is an excellent resource for those receiving or wanting to receive VA Educational benefits to attend.  You are encouraged to contact them by e-mail at with any VA related questions you may have including, but not limited to, VA Educational Benefits.

General Information about applying:

In order to receive Veterans Administration (VA) educational benefits veterans must:

To begin receiving educational benefits, veterans must complete the following:

  1. Apply for VA Education Benefits on-line (review all options first, see above)
  2. Complete, Sign and Return 2013-2014 Enrollment Certification
If you were Submit a copy of
Discharged from Active Duty Certificate of Eligibility letter
National Guard/Reserves Notice of Basic Eligibility (NOBE)
Transferring from another college Change of Program/Place of Training
  1. Review your VA Statement of Rights and Responsibilities

Additional documents needed:

  • Those discharged from Active Duty also provide copy of ‘Certificate of Eligibility’ letter from the VA
  • National Guard and Reserves also provide a copy of their Notice of Basic Eligibility (NOBE)
  • Transfer Students must complete a Change of Program/Place of Training

Return forms to:

Mail: BMCC Veteran’s Certifying Official, P.O. Box 100, Pendleton, OR 97801
Fax: 541-278-5889

The Processing of your Benefits:

Please allow two to three weeks for processing and certification of your enrollment to the VA. Benefits are paid directly to the student. It is important that you are aware of tuition payment deadlines (click Academic Calendar for the relevant year of the Calendar page and payment options).

Pay Table:

Rates of pay depend on the veteran’s chapter and his or her enrollment level. BMCC will inform the VA of any changes during the term, which may result in adjustments to the monthly allowance. It is the veteran’s responsibility to report any changes to the veterans’ clerk.

Pay rates are updated each year, usually in October. Veterans may be eligible for additional tuition assistance, or “kickers”. Contact the VA directly at 1-888-442-4551 for specific payment questions.

Advance Pay Request:

Veterans who need financial assistance to begin classes may request advance pay for the first term. Requests must be made four to six weeks before the beginning of the term. With advance pay, veterans are paid for the first two months of the term; however, the VA pays based on the number of days that the veteran was enrolled for a given month. For example, if fall term begins the last week of September, the advance paycheck would be for part of September and all of October. The advance check is sent directly to the BMCC Business Office.

Certification Periods:

The VA Certifying Official will certify based on BMCC’s official academic calendar. Some courses vary in length. The VA Certifying Official will certify enrollment according to each course’s beginning and ending dates, which may affect the rate of pay.

Oregon Veterans Education Benefit - Tuition Assistance

  • The Oregon Department of Veterans Affairs provides educational benefits for pursuit of approved training courses.
  • Benefits will be paid for as many months as the veteran spent in active service, up to a maximum of 36 months. Veterans who qualify for the program are entitled to receive up to $150 per month.

ODVA’s Educational Aid will not be paid if the veteran is currently receiving federal educational benefits under any federal act.

Payment Amounts:

  • Full-time students are entitled to receive up to $150 per month.
  • Part-time students are entitled to receive up to $100 per month.
  • School criteria determines full-time and part-time status.

Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Active duty in the Armed Forces of the U.S. for not less than 90 days; and
  2. Released from military service under honorable conditions; and
  3. Is a resident of Oregon when applying for State Educational Aid; and
  4. Is a citizen of the United States; and
  5. Served during the Korean War (June 25, 1950 to January 31, 1955) or after June 30, 1958.

Getting Started and Who to Contact:

Eligibility forms, application forms, and counseling about Oregon Educational Aid for Veterans are available from the following:

Benefits: 1-800-692-9666

Important links:

Please also refer to our on-line catalog for additional details, such as satisfactory academic progress (SAP) standards for students receiving VA Educational Benefits.

BMCC Military Assistance:

BMCC offers the following discounts/waivers to veterans, military personnel and their spouses or dependents:

Tuition Waiver for Returning Veterans: Available to any member of the armed services currently on active duty or honorably discharged within the last eighteen months. Veterans who qualify will have the first year of tuition for credited classes discounted by fifty percent unless they are funded by the Montgomery GI Bill or tuition assistance. This benefit does not cover books, supplies and fees. This waiver must be applied for each term. To apply for this waiver complete the Returning Veteran’s Tuition Waiver form.

Tuition Waiver for Immediate Family Members of Deployed Service Members: This benefit pertains to military spouses and unmarried children under the age of 24 of military personnel deployed with units of Army /Air National Guard and other military services. Applicants need to provide orders or other verification from the branch of service of eligibility to BMCC’s veteran’s certifying official. The Oregon State Military Education Department can assist in the process of verifying deployment orders and dependency issues. Qualifying students are charged at 50% of the tuition for each credit up to 12 credits, with a minimum class load of 3 credits. For any credits taken above 12, the student pays full tuition. This waiver must be applied for each term. To apply for this waiver complete the Immediate Family Members of Deployed Service Members Tuition Waiver form.

Tuition Waiver for Dependents of Fallen or 100% Disabled Oregon Service Members: This benefit is available to the spouse and/or children or other dependents (under the age of 24) of a service member of the Oregon U.S. military that died on active duty after 9/11, or died as a result of a military service connected disability sustained after 9/11, or as a member of the Oregon US military, is 100% disabled as a result of a military service connected disability sustained after 9/11. This waiver covers 100% of the tuition for credit bearing courses, not to exceed the number of credits required for an Associates Degree. This waiver does not cover fees or AFEE’s associated with BMCC courses. Students must reside within the BMCC service area, must take a minimum of 3 credits per term and must apply for this waiver each term. To apply for this waiver complete the Dependent’s Tuition Waiver for Fallen or 100% Disabled Oregon Service Members form.

BMCC Policy for Withdrawal for Military Purposes

All waiver forms can be found on BMCC’s website at