Dual Enrollment



Definition of dual enrollment: Any term that you are taking courses at BMCC and another institution and wish to receive financial aid at the combined enrollment level. 



To receive federal or state aid at BMCC as a dual enrolled student you must:

  1. Notify the Pendleton Service Center, by completing a consortium agreement, of your intent to be dual enrolled at least two weeks prior to the term you plan on being dual enrolled;
  2. Have been awarded federal Title IV aid by BMCC;
  3. Be taking at least 1 course from BMCC towards your BMCC degree or certificate during your term of co-enrollment (not taking at least 6 credits from any one institution may affect prior loan borrower’s in-school deferment status);
  4. Be pursuing a degree or certificate offered by BMCC;
  5. Be taking courses that apply towards your degree or certificate at BMCC;
  6. Received verification by BMCC’s Admissions & Records (BMCC A & R) office that the course or courses you are taking from the other institution WILL be accepted towards the BMCC degree or certificate you are pursuing (see forms and documentation necessary to received verification from BMCC’s A & R office);
  7. Complete and return all appropriate paperwork to the Pendleton Service Center at least two weeks prior to the term you plan on being co-enrolled.

Students that are interested in taking courses from more than one institution at a time during any given term will need to follow one of two processes.

These are two very different processes.  Other items to consider:

  1. Not all schools WILL enter into a consortium agreement.  Students will need to make sure that they have contacted the Financial Aid Office at the school they are planning to take courses from (other than BMCC) to find out if a consortium agreement is possible.
  2. You need to make sure that the courses you are planning to take apply towards the degree you are seeking from BMCC and that BMCC will accept those credits towards your degree here.
  3. This process can take some time.  Please plan accordingly.