Disbursement of Financial Aid

Disbursement of funds occurs when financial aid awards are posted to students’ accounts.  Disbursements will happen one week prior to the beginning of each term.  A credit balance may occur when a student’s posted financial aid is greater than their cost of tuition and fees. If a student has a credit balance, they may get a book voucher from the Service Center, or another BMCC location office, to use for the purchase of books. For Book Voucher information, click here.  The remaining credit balance is mailed to students in the form of a “Credit Balance or Refund Check” from the business office.

Students that do not have a financial aid award in place by the tuition payment deadline, or whose award does not cover all of the costs of tuition and fees, may contact the Service Center to make other arrangements for payment in order to avoid late fees.  If a student is uncomfortable continuing in classes without knowing the final outcome of their financial aid, then they do have the option to drop their classes.  In order to not be held financially responsible for the cost of those classes, they must be dropped prior to the "Last day for full refund" per BMCCs Academic Calendar  .

For more information, see our Federal Financial Aid Disbursement Schedule in our Dates and Deadlines.