Bookstore Vouchers

Students that have financial assistance that exceeds the amount of their tuition and fees will be allowed to charge required books and supplies in the BMCC Bookstore.  Students can get a Bookstore Voucher from the Pendleton Service Center and must be used the same day they are received. Any outlying center can assist students who want a Bookstore voucher emailed instead of coming to Pendleton. To receive a Bookstore voucher via email;

  1. Student must use their BMCC email account to send an email to requesting a Bookstore voucher. If the student has not activated their BMCC email account, please go to for detailed instructions.
  2. Student must provide a scanned copy of their valid picture ID in the email (ex: drivers license) before the Service Center can process the Bookstore voucher.
  3. The Service Center will email you back a Book Voucher.  You need to read and sign the voucher and either fax it to the Bookstore at 541-278-5842 OR email it to
  4. Student must include, with their book voucher; a list of the books they need, and a complete shipping address.
  5. Student must read the rules, assign a signature, and date it. All of this information is critical or the books will not be mailed by the Bookstore and they might have to start the whole process again the following day.
  6. Student must fax the completed voucher to the Bookstore at 541-278-5842.  The deadline for book voucher processing is 4:00pm and each voucher is only valid for the day it was issued.

    Click Here for a schedule of when bookstore vouchers are available.