Student Email

All registered BMCC students, will be issued a email address

  • Log in at
  • Email addresses will include your first initial, middle initial, full last name, last 4 digits of Student ID.
  • Your initial password will be your student ID number.
  • When you first log in, you will get a screen that says 'Additional Information is Required', and ask you to personalize your password. Please fill out the additional information fields and click 'Submit'. 
  • Should you forget your password you can use the password reset found at
  • If you still have issues accessing your mailbox, please call 541-278-5827, and be sure you have your name, student id#, email address, and a contact phone number.

More information about

  • email accounts will be issued to all registered students.
  • Communications will be sent from the following areas, using the listed subject lines.
    • BMCC Business - will include;
      • Information regarding students' academic record, payments, financial aid, etc.
      • Information requiring an action on the students part, i.e. make payment, attend orientation, respond to college requests for additional information, etc.
    • BMCC News - will include:
      • A periodic newsletter containing brief descriptions of events taking place on campus, general information appropriate to all students, student organization information, etc.
    • BMCC Alert - will include:
      • Notification of building or college closings
      • Security alerts
    • BMCC (Course Title, and/or Number and Section)
      • Notification of class cancellation or relocation
      • Instructor course related communications
      • NOTE: remember to BCC emails to multiple students.