Student Conduct

The procedures that follow are intended to achieve an equitable solution that will resolve the disputes and issues with due regard to the rights of the parties involved, the protection of the faculty and student body, and the interest of the College. The chief administrator responsible for student rights, freedoms, responsibilities, and due process is the Associate Vice President of Enrollment Management.

Like other members of the academic community, the student is expected to conduct himself/ herself in accordance with standards of the College that are designed to perpetuate its educational purposes. A charge of misconduct may be made against a student for violating provisions of published College regulations and policies. Where a student is subject to a charge of misconduct, such charge shall be processed in accordance with the procedures set forth in this document.

In keeping in line with BMCC Procedure (07-2003-0012), children will not be permitted in classrooms.Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult while using any BMCC facility including the McCrae Activity Center, Computer Labs or Library.