The Oregon Reverse Transfer Degree

 Did you (or will you) transfer from BMCC
before earning your associate's degree? 


What is it?: A new pilot program between Oregon’s public community colleges and universities is offering students the option of obtaining an associate's degree through “Reverse Transfer”. This program will allow students, who have earned at least 24 credits from Blue Mountain Community College, to earn their associate’s degree after they have moved on to another college - by applying college credits received elsewhere toward their BMCC associate’s degree. Students, who have at least 24 credits from BMCC and 90 or more total credits between BMCC & any other regionally accredited institution, are invited to apply for this FREE degree audit. See Steps to Your Reverse Transfer Degree below to get started today.

Benefits of obtaining an associate's degree:

  • People with an associate’s degree have an easier time obtaining employment and earn an average of $500,000 more during their lifetime than people with merely a HS diploma.
  • It will help you stay motivated: Students who receive an associate’s degree through Reverse Transfer are more likely to stay on track to earning their bachelor’s degree. 
  • Having both an associate’s degree and bachelor’s degree on your resume reflects a broader view of your education and is more enticing to employers.
  • If your pursuit of a bachelor’s degree for some reason comes to a halt, you’ll at least have an associate’s Degree under your belt.
  • If you find it necessary to take a break in your education, re-entering a university in the future will be a much easier and quicker process if you have an associate’s degree. 
  • Holding an associate’s degree can help you qualify for scholarships and financial aid at a University.
  • An associate’s degree can help you acquire better jobs and internships while still in school.

Steps to Your Reverse Transfer Degree

  1. Complete the Reverse Transfer Degree Audit Request Form and return to BMCC, Student Records/Erin Brady, 2411 NW Carden, Pendleton, OR 97801.
  2. If you have attended EOU, allow 30 days for BMCC to obtain your transcript from EOU and run a degree audit to determine your eligibility of an Associate’s Degree from BMCC. If you have attended any other college other than EOU and wish to have those credits included in the audit, you must have each institution send your official transcript to: BMCC, Student Records/Jeremy Umbarger, 2411 NW Carden, Pendleton, OR 97801.
  3. BMCC will contact you regarding the status of your request. 


Jeremy Umbarger
Blue Mountain Community College
Degree Completion Specialist

A Collaboration between Oregon's Community Colleges and the Oregon University System. Supported by a grant from the Lumina Foundation