Paraeducator (Education Assistant) Programs

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This comprehensive paraeducator program provides students with the option of pursuing a short term Education/Paraeducator Certificate or the two year Associate of Applied Science degree for Paraeducators.

The Education Assistant/Paraeducator degrees include the Paraeducator Certificate which is a statewide approved program of courses that meets the requirements for the local assessment as outlined in the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Legislation.

Education/Paraeducator Certificate

The Education/Paraeducator certificate is a stepping stone for students who wish to go on and pursue an Associate of Applied Science degree or an Elementary Teaching License. The Associate of Applied Science degree meets the requirements for the two year Associates degree as required by NCLB and local school districts.

Associate of Applied Science Degree for Paraeducators

Paraeducator: Autism Certificate

The Paraeducator: Autism Certificate can be completed online.

Be sure and work closely with an education advisor when choosing your program.
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