PowerSearch, Baby!

What is that thing!?


That, dear students, is your new best friend for finding magazine, newspaper, and journal articles at BMCC Pendleton. PowerSearch gives you access to thousands of articles for your topic with just the push of a button. Here's how to use it:





  • Click the blank field on PowerSearch box, then type in your search terms
    • (It's like a Google search: it'll look for whatever you type ANYWHERE in all those articles.)
  • Press ENTER on your keyboard



  • Now you've got a whole host of goodness. It's up to you to sort through it all and choose the ones you want:



Try it right now! (You need to be on the BMCC Pendleton campus to use PowerSearch for the moment. We're working on making it available off campus, too!)






Have fun, folks! Post up comments with your favorite searches, or awesome stuff you found using PowerSearch!