Paying Tuition & Fees

What if I change my mind and decide not to come to BMCC, do I have to pay, withdraw from classes, or just not show up?

It depends.

  1. If classes have not yet begun, you have registered and paid, and you decide not to attend, you should drop your classes and you will receive a refund.
  2. If classes have already started, you have registered and paid, and it's within the first 5 days of classes (or its equivalent for alternatively shceduled classes, specific dates will be printed on the student's schedule), you should drop your classes and receive a refund.
  3. If you have registered for classes and not yet paid, you must drop your classes before 5:00pm on the 5th day (or its equivalent for alternatively scheduled classes, specific dates will be printed on your schedule), or you will be charged for the classes. Non attendance does not forgive your obligation to drop or pay for a class.
  4. If you have not registered or paid, you don't have to contact BMCC
  5. Once the 5th day of classes or its equivalent has passed, you may withdraw from classes until 5pm the Friday before finals week, but you will be charged for the class and a W (for Withdraw) will show up on your transcript.


When is tuition due?

Tuition is due by the end of the 5th day of classes. That information is also posted on the web, in the catalog, and in the Student Handbook.


Do you have tuition payment plans?

For more options on tuition payment plans, please contact the Pendleton Service Center or the staff at any of our BMCC Centers or COD's.


What does the ASG Student fee go towards?

The ASG Student fee pays stipends for the ASG officers and senators who work with the College administration to provide student activities such as dances, student forums, barbecues, and presentations by invited guests. The ASG fee also goes into a fund that students can make application to for support such as math tutors or other unfunded special needs that students or their centers may need. The fee also supports student scholarships. Student government officers also take part in statewide voter registration drives and government lobbying in behalf of student interest in higher education and related activities.


What is an access fee?

An access fee is paid by all students and helps cover the costs of computer labs, the Library and other course-related services.