BIZTIPS - June 6, 2004

Biz Tips: Use Technology Effectively - It's Your Business
Sunday, June 6, 2004
By Art Hill

Well, we made national news again.  This time it’s not for plant layoffs or chemical weapons.  This time it’s a two-page photo and article on wireless internet in Hermiston (Newsweek, June 7). Back in January we mentioned Spokane’s international acclaim for supporting high tech.  Now it’s our turn. Congratulations to EZ Wireless and everyone who made it possible to be the first of “10 Favorite Hot Spots” nationwide for wireless service.

Last week Carol Lopucki, State Director of Michigan’s Small Business and Technology Development Centers, showed our Oregon team how to offer technology companies the expertise and resources they need to establish and grow their businesses. As we mentioned in our January column, this includes all companies that use technology, not just those that create high tech products.  Call us if you want to know more.

Oregon’s Telecommunications Coordinating Council subcommittee on healthcare applications meets in Portland this week.  We’ll be looking at models in other states and best practices worldwide for using our state’s fiber optic network to deliver telemedicine services and healthcare education, especially to rural areas. In our May 9 BizTips column we asked for your ideas.  Keep them coming.

So this week’s BizTip is “Learn to make effective use of technology in your business.” Technology drives your business whether you’re writing software or just using it; whether you’re building computers or e-mailing customers; whether you’re putting up wireless towers or using your cell phone; whether you’re scanning a patient or catching up on medical research. Support high tech with your business team and learn how to make the most of it.

Thank you for your comments on our last BizTips column addressed to this year’s graduates.  Apparently it hit home for many young people, their parents, and their instructors. If you missed it in print, a copy is available here.

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