BIZTIPS - October 10, 2004

Biz Tips: The Business of Government
Sunday, October 10, 2004
By Art Hill

President Calvin Coolidge said “The business of government is business.” In other words, our economy drives our sovereignty. We are not strong if we are not prosperous. We are not able to help others if we are economically and politically powerless.

Our Declaration of Independence was written by men of property and commerce. They established our country’s legal foundation on the rights of individuals that had been violated by the Crown. The Declaration’s grievances include “for cutting off our trade with all parts of the world...for imposing taxes on us without our consent...” These were the actions of a monarchy that led our new nation to “...establish Commerce, and to do all other Acts and Things which Independent States may of right do.”

One lesson of our Declaration and Constitution is clear. We have the responsibility to preserve the freedoms that our nation’s founders immortalized in these documents. How do we do that? Sometimes it’s simple...listen, read, reflect, act, vote.

Time is no excuse. The busiest person has the same 24 hours the rest of us have in a day. The busiest business owner has the time to work on the things that are most critical to survival – customers, employees, finances. Why not public policy?

Your business will stagnate or prosper as a direct result of the issues on our local, state, and national ballots. You will either ignore or support candidates and issues that will make our country more respected, our healthcare more affordable, our education more accessible, and our cities more attractive to new jobs and commerce. The choice is yours, but if you choose not to participate, you will live with the consequences.

It doesn’t require a brain surgeon’s intelligence or super-human effort to participate and to vote. It does require an awareness that it matters to you and your business. It does require some reading and reflection. It may require a few hours working for a candidate or ballot measure. It does require a few minutes to fill out a ballot and mail it.

That’s a small price indeed for the safety and prosperity of future generations...small price for doing our part...small price for shaping the future of our community, our economy, our nation, our world. It’s the business of government. It’s the price of freedom. Ignore it, and I guarantee it will go away.

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