BIZTIPS - February 6, 2005

Biz Tips: Pacific Northwest National Lab - Our Business Resource
Sunday, February 6, 2005
By Art Hill

Quick! Name some top research centers available to Oregon businesses. OSU? (yes), PSU? (yes), Oregon Institute of Technology? (yes), PNNL in Richland Washington? (huh?)

That’s right. Because it’s federally funded, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory is open for businesses in Oregon. According to a recent article in Oregon Business magazine, PNNL’s scientists and engineers use the lab to aid private industry. Hundreds of students and business people (many from Oregon) visit the lab each year to work with some of the top researchers in the world. Resources and projects range from nanotechnology to life sciences; advanced materials to biofuels.

So what’s in it for your business? One area company contracted a short-term research project directly related to giving their transportation industry product a competitive edge. Another group is looking into collaborating on agricultural by-products. A recent entrepreneur’s forum gave business owners an inside look at how financial professionals calculate the market value of a business. PNNL even has specialized software to match companies with scientific and engineering breakthroughs that are available as products ready to take to market.

Of course, PNNL is miles (or hours) away, sometimes through fog and ice. If we can’t always go there, we can bring PNNL here. And that’s exactly what a team of folks in our area is working on. For starters, BMCC’s Small Business Development Centers in Pendleton and Hermiston have asked PNNL economic development staff to make research information available locally, and to schedule live videoconferences for seminars and other entrepreneurial development events.

Maybe you can’t afford a full-time scientist in your company. But you may want to put a world-class PNNL researcher to work solving a technical problem or opening up new markets for a cutting-edge product that fits your business.

Or you may want to attend a seminar right here that would cost a small fortune to attend in San Francisco or New York. Whatever your research or product needs, PNNL is open for business in Oregon. Your business.

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