BIZTIPS - March 14, 2004

Biz Tips: “It Takes Teamwork to Make Your Business Thrive"
March 14, 2004
By Art Hill

Sports offer great lessons for business. Examples? Grace Lichtenstein: “Your opponent is yourself, your negative internal voices, your level of determination.” Vince Lombardi: “Individual commitment to a group effort -- that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.”

Even champions in individual achievement sports (e.g. golf, tennis, racing) have teams - trainers, coaches, managers, caddies, pit crews - nobody works alone.

Companies of all sizes are by definition teams. Many use internal and external teams that form, dissolve, and re-form to reach specific goals. Even individual consultants work with teams - their advisors, colleagues, clients, legal and accounting professionals.

Who’s on your team? One of the most frequent criticisms of business owners and managers is that we don’t work in teams effectively or don’t even try. That’s not a winning strategy!

This brings us to our latest Biz Tip. There’s a team playing for your company you may not even know about. Large employers work with them all the time. We’re talking about the team of public agencies and educators that come together every time a business considers locating or expanding in our region. Ron Fenech, President of Keystone RV said they decided to expand here because of the team that worked out everything from a viable plant site to customized workforce training. The same team is available to your business. Let us know if you’d like to meet them.

Remember, business is a contact sport. Wouldn’t you rather do it as a team?

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