Need some info on current controversies? Got essays to write? Just trying to stay informed on the serious issues in the world today? The BMCC Library has just what you need! We've added The Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center, the perfect one-stop-shop for facts from all sides of an issue. Click here to see screenshots and get more info.

How do you get to Opposing Viewpoints? Follow the links on the library's webpage:

Under "RESEARCH," click "Find Articles" On the list of databases subjects, choose one Click the "Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center" link, usually near the bottom of the page

 Once you're in the Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center, you can search for issues to research, or click the links to the right for a quick list of articles on popular topics:

Click on the titles to read an article. Each article represents a different viewpoint using persuasive facts and supporting arguments. There's even easy citation links for adding these articles to your essays. Check it out, and post a comment to let us know what you think!