Mario Kart Wii Tournament -- REGISTRATION IS OPEN!!!

The Wii version of Mario Kart features new and classic tracks, more characters, more karts (and BIKES!), and awesome drifting through the corners! Add in that you actually STEER with the Wiimote (no more wierd stick-to-wheel mental conversions) and you've got the best racer yet! Break away from the other BMCC students in the pack on November 14 and take the checkered in our Mario Kart Wii tournament!  Here's how:



  • Make sure you've got your BMCC Student Library Card -- that's your ticket to get into the tournament!
  • REGISTRATION is now open! Follow the link to get on the tournament roster. It's limited to the first 24 players, so get signed up fast!
  • Be there on November 14. The tournament play starts at 10 AM and we'll be announcing the groupings before we begin so you and your opponents can decide on avatars and karts.

As far as the details:

  • We'll be using the tracks from the Flower Cup with balanced items
  • There will be 4 rounds: Rounds 1 and 2 on the Mario Circuit, Round 3 on the Coconut Mall, and the final round on either the DK Summit or Wario's Gold Mine (finalists' choice).
  • In each round we'll have three races with 4 racers each.
  • And the brackets will look like this:

Bring your Mario Kart controller wheels! (You can still race even without, but it's just so much cooler if you've got 'em!) Be ready to sign a quick release form, plunk in the Wiimote, and hit the throttle! We'll be showcasing the winner's prize later this week here on the blog, so check back often! REGISTER today!

(Oh, yeah, there's this Guitar Hero 5 tournament thingy, too . . . if you're interested . . . )

COUNTDOWN: 5 days until . . . GAME ON!



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Shara Maude (not verified):

Will we be able to sign up for the tournament when we get there, or do we have to do it before hand?


You can definitely sign up for the tournament when you get there, but remember that the number of slots is limited. Only the first 24 players for each game can play in the tournament, so get signed up as soon as you can!

You can also just come for the fun! There'll be the tournament to watch, open play consoles for anyone interested to share, a FREE pizza lunch, and of course all those BMCC gamers to hang out with. Tournament play is not required!



Erik Jensen
Assistant to the Librarian
Blue Mountain Community College Library
(541) 278-5914

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