LIBRARY: The Amazing Vanishing Blog Posts

Right. So, you might have noticed that several of our recent posts just aren't anymore. There's been some technical difficulties, so here's a quick repost of the highlights, like forwarding messages from your BMCC email account, our Martin Luther King, Jr. exhibit, and more.




Have you checked your BMCC Student Email recently? You'll want to keep an eye on it -- the college will be using that address to send you important information, and so will the library. You can get all the info you need to access your account here.

Want to make it even easier for yourself? You can forward messages from your BMCC email to another email address! Just follow the link to find instructions for setting it up.


January 18, 2010 is Martin Luther King, Jr. day. To celebrate this great American, your BMCC Library staff has created an exhibit of interesting library materials related to Dr. King and the Civil Rights Movement. Come on in to see the display, and click the links to see even more info.




Don't think we've forgotten about you gamers out there! We had such a success with our tournament last quarter that we'll be doing it again this quarter! Stay tuned for more info about the Winter 2010 Library Gaming Tournament and other gaming events coming soon!




We've got other new features coming on the blog, so stay tuned, boys and girls! Brand new material starts this Sunday!