Happy Presidents Day

So, it happens every February, and it has something to do with these two dead guys we see on our dollars and pennies, but what is Presidents Day really all about? How did it get started? Click here to find out!

Two of America's most famous presidents, George Washington (first president) and Abraham Lincoln (16th president) were both born in February. Lincoln was born on the 12th, Washington on the 22nd. By the early 1800s Americans were celebrating the birthday of the first president. By the end of that century Americans were so impressed with the 16th president that they were also celebrating his birth. In 1971, under the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, congress decreed that both birthdays would be celebrated on the third monday in February, creating the holiday we now call Presidents Day.

The BMCC Library is proud to present our Presidents Day display at the Circulation desk, featuring selected Washington and Lincoln materials from our collection.

More than just a celebration of two great leaders, Presidents Day has become a time to remember and honor the work of all America's chief executives, past and present:

So, what do you think?

Has President's Day diluted our remembrance of Washington, Lincoln, or other presidents?

Who was the greatest president in your opinion?

Know of other holidays that went (or still go) by different names?

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