Guitar Hero 5 Tournament - REGISTRATION IS OPEN!!!

The newest Guitar Hero installment features some of the best graphics, hottest tracks, and coolest player avatars of the series! We'll be showcasing the best and bravest of BMCC's electronic axemasters at our tournament in the library on November 14. Think you've got what it takes to show these punks what it means to rock? Here's how to get in on the gig:


  • Make sure you've got your BMCC Student Library Card -- that's your ticket to get into the tournament!
  • REGISTRATION is now open! Follow the link to get on the tournament roster. It's limited to the first 24 players, so get signed up fast!
  • Be there on November 14. The tournament play starts at 10 AM and we'll be announcing the groupings before we begin so you and your opponents can set your avatars and agree on a song to play over.

And as far as the details:

  • There will be 4 rounds: Round 1 and 2 will be Momentum mode (start at medium difficulty and gets more difficult for more points as you make streaks, or less if you miss notes), Round 3 will be Do or Die mode (miss 3 notes in a row and your out until the next section of the song), and the final round will be Elimination mode (lowest scoring player for a section is dropped).
  • Here's how the tournament will play:

Bring your Wiitars! Be ready to sign a quick release form, plug in the Wiimote, and rock out! We're really pumped about this one and looking forward to some seriously awesome playing. We know you've got the skillz, now get in here and show us! REGISTER today!


COUNTDOWN: 12 days until . . . GAME ON!