Green Technician Certificate

Industrial and Engineering Systems

Intended Program Outcomes:

The primary intended outcome of the green technician certificate program is placement in a variety of entry-level positions across a number of industry sectors, and building an in-demand set of skills that will allow program graduates to advance rapidly in a variety of current and emerging occupational areas across Oregon’s rural communities.

Individuals who complete the green technician certificate will:

  • Be multi-skill systems thinkers and problem solvers
  • Be prepared for a broad array of green occupations across a variety of diverse industries
  • Have a fundamental understanding of sustainability, green technologies, process improvements, elimination of waste, and an overview of various careers in green technology,
  • Be able to demonstrate the applied reading and workplace math skills needed on -the-job
  • Possess workplace skills that employers need: critical thinking, problem solving, team work, etc.
  • Possess a unique set of entry-level electrical, mechanical, and heating/cooling systems skills
  • Have the skills and ability to adjust to rapidly changing technology
GT101 Introduction to Sustainability 3
GT102 Green Industrial Safety 2
GT103 Mechanical Systems 3
GT104 Electrical Systems Troubleshooting I 3
GT106 Introduction to Green Technologies 2
GT107 Electrical Systems Troubleshooting II 3
GT108 Building Systems 2
GT109 HVACR Systems Operations 3
GT110 Workplace Communications 3
GT111 Preventative Maintenance/Energy Conservation 2
GT112 Control Systems 3
GT113 Fluid Power 3
GT114 Local Applications/Alternative Energy 3
GT115 Human Relations/Customer Service 3
WR115 Introduction to College Writing (or higher) 4
GT105 Workplace Math/Applied Math 4
or MTH052 Intro to Algebra for the Trades (or higher) (4)

(Information based on the 2013-14 BMCC Academic Catalog)

Gainful Employment Data