Got bones?

We do! Come to the library for the anatomical models you need! Come into the library to study the structures that make up the human body. BMCC instructors place various models of human anatomy on our Course Reserves shelves throughout the quarter, and all you students have to do is ask for them with your library card!


We even have an up-to-date online gallery of the models available for use. Want to learn where? Click here to read more about it!


Our online gallery of anatomical models can be found on the main BMCC Library homepage, under the "SERVICES" heading:

Click the "Anatomical Models" link to see what is currently available for BMCC student use in the library.

Want even more info on those anatomical structures? Check out some of these links:

Like what you see? Want more? Let us know by posting up a comment or contacting the library staff with your input.