Total Withdraw - Beware!

Struggling, thinking of totally withdrawing?  STOP!

Has something happened in your life that is preventing you from finishing your classes this term, or are you struggling with your classes and worried you are not going to pass them?  If you are thinking of totally withdrawing, you need to make sure you are aware of the possible repercussions to your financial aid if you do a total withdrawal prior to the 60% point in the term.

  • The U.S. Department of Education regulations state that you have earned 100% of your financial aid if you have attended 60% of the term.  So if you withdraw before the 60% point, then you can possibly have to repay part or all of your financial aid.
  • If the BMCC Financial Assistance staff find that you owe part or all of your financial aid back to the Department of Education, in many cases, the money is returned to the Department of Education by BMCC which results in you owing BMCC, and
  • BMCC rules state that you must have any debt owed to the college paid before you can register for the next term.

Before you do that total withdraw early in the term and end up owing money to either BMCC or the U.S. Department of Education, think about whether or not you might be able to salvage just one or two of your classes. Remember that you have till the week before finals to make that decision to drop them all.

You can go to Dates and Deadlines to see what the 60% point is, or call the Financial Assistance office at 541-278-5759 and talk with someone about your options.  Also remember that besides possibly owing money back, you will be placed on Aid Withheld status for the next term and need to do an appeal to get your aid back.  Refer to the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for more information.