Interstate Passport

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Interstate Passport Network

The Interstate Passport is a free program offered by BMCC to make transfer to another participating school in the network smooth and seamless. With the Passport program, it’s possible to graduate without repeating general education courses because you transfer your general education credits as a whole instead of credit by credit. The Passport program makes it easier to transfer because you bring your lower-division, general education credits with you as a block.

When you work with your advisor to use the Passport program, you can save time and money because you’re not losing credits by repeating courses after you transfer. This means you’re more likely to graduate – and with fewer headaches.

Western Oregon University in Monmouth, Ore., and many out-of-state schools participate in the Passport program –  including BMCC.

Talk to your advisor about how to take advantage of the Passport and get on your way to a smooth and seamless transfer process.

Visit for more information, or talk to your advisor.


Passport Block

TPark_9308_100914Each Network member institution has its own Passport Block—a menu of lower-division general education courses and learning experiences by which a student can earn the Passport. Students who complete BMCC’s Passport Block with a minimum grade of “C” or its equivalent in each course or learning experience will be awarded the Passport by BMCC. Those students who later transfer with a Passport to another Network-member institution will have their learning recognized; they will not have to repeat or take additional courses to satisfy lower-division general education requirements in the Passport’s nine areas.


Students the Passport offers

  • An early milestone on the way to a credential.
  • Advance knowledge that lower-division general education learning in the Passport’s nine areas will be recognized upon transfer to another Network member institution.
  • The potential for faster time to degree, lower cost, less debt, and lower foregone earnings from unduplicated learning.
  • A streamlined transfer process and a greater likelihood of successful transfer and completion.

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Interested in learning more about how you can earn the Interstate Passport at BMCC? Contact your faculty advisor or Student Success Coach, or contact Enrollment Services at 541-278-5757.

For more information about the Interstate Passport, see