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Interstate Passport Network


Interested in transferring with fewer obstacles while saving time and money and most importantly - your credits? Ask your academic advisor about Interstate Passport and how you can earn a Passport which offers:

  • An early milestone of completion on the way to a credential.
  • Advance knowledge that lower-division general education learning will be recognized upon transfer to another Network-member institution.
  • The potential for faster time to degree, lower cost, less debt, and lower foregone earnings from unduplicated learning.
  • A streamlined transfer process and a greater likelihood of successful transfer and completion.

    Blue Mountain Community College participates in the Interstate Passport Network, a network of regionally-accredited institutions that agree to transfer completed general education requirements as a block in a seamless and efficient process among its members. Students who complete BMCC’s Passport Block with a minimum grade of “C” or its equivalent in each course or learning experience will be awarded the Passport by BMCC.  The Students who transfer with a Passport to another Network-member institution will not have to repeat or take additional courses to satisfy lower-division general education requirements. Earning a Passport recognizes that a student has achieved learning outcomes in the following nine knowledge and skill areas, which all Network member institutions agree are consistent with their own general education learning outcomes:

    Foundational Skills: oral communication, written communication, quantitative literacy

    Knowledge of Concepts: natural sciences, human cultures, creative expression, human society and the individual
    Cross-cutting Skills: critical thinking and teamwork/value systems.

    Western Oregon University in Monmouth, Ore., and many out-of-state schools participate in the Passport program –  including BMCC.

    BMCC's Passport Block

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    Talk to your advisor about how to take advantage of the Passport and get on your way to a smooth and seamless transfer process. If you are Interested in learning more about how you can earn the Interstate Passport at BMCC? Contact your faculty advisor or Student Success Coach, or contact Enrollment Services at 541-278-5757.

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