Paying Tuition

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Tuition and fees are payable in full by cash, check, or credit card (Visa or MasterCard) by the end of the fifth class day of each term, or the equivalent percentage of days of terms or classes of varying length. Students may also use financial aid funds or third-party agency funds to pay their tuition and fees if they are eligible for these funds. Payments can be made at any location, by mail, or through the Student WolfWeb.

Deferred (Tuition) Installment Plan: BMCC’s tuition installment payment plan is designed to assist students in paying their tuition and fees by setting a reasonable timetable and structure for payment. Students may sign up for this installment plan at any BMCC location or through the BMCC Website.  An agreement is not binding for the college until a representative of the Business Office has signed the completed form. Upon signature, BMCC will return a copy of the official signed installment plan to the student. The installment plan will consist of a down payment of $100 plus a $20 processing fee. The balance of tuition and fees will be paid in two installments due at the fourth and seventh week of the term (or equivalent for terms of varying length). Late fee penalties of $15 will be charged for each late payment.

Starting with Spring Term 2018:

  • Students who sign up for a deferred (tuition) installment plan will have the ability to register for subsequent term(s) classes while still making payments on their current term balance. In addition, those on deferred installment plans avoid any late fees if paid according to the agreed upon payment plan. These deferred installment plans allow a student to spread the tuition over three payments with $100 due when signing up, ½ of the remaining balance due Friday of week four, and the other half due Friday of week seven.   
  • Deferred (Tuition) Installment Plans are due Friday of the first week of the term. However, the deadline is being extended until Friday of the second week of the term for Spring Term only!
  • Please Note: If payment is not made in full before Monday of week eight, the college will automatically drop the student from the next term(s) courses and the student may not be eligible to defer tuition in future terms.

 Spring 2018 Dates and Deadlines

Last day to set up a deferred installment plan:   Friday, April 13, 2018
First Installment Due  Friday, April 27, 2018
Second Installment Due  Friday, May 25, 2018


Please contact a Service Specialist or your Success Coach to learn more about this opportunity!

Late Fee/Interest Penalties: Students who have not paid or made payment arrangements by the end of the fifth class day or the equivalent day of terms or classes of varying length will be assessed late fees.   The fee is 3% of the balance due assessed monthly until the balance is paid. The minimum charge is $10, and the maximum charge is $75 per term. 

Stop-Payment Fees for Financial Aid Refund Checks: If you are eligible for a financial aid refund check and it does not arrive at the address indicated on your student account after ten days from the date of issuance by the college, BMCC will re-issue the check without charge to you.  If you wish the college to re-issue the check before the 10-day period is over, BMCC will charge you a $35 stop-payment fee. 

Financial Holds: If your student account is not paid in-full by Monday of the second week of the term, a financial hold will be placed on your account preventing you from registering for the upcoming term.  Other financial holds may be placed on your account if items are not returned to departments at the College (such as the Library or the MAC Center) or if you have a bad address listed on your Student WolfWeb account.  Please contact the Service Center on how to resolve the financial hold on your account.