Financial Aid Dates and Deadlines

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Financial Aid Dates and Deadlines

This is where you'll find information about:

  • Financial Aid File Completion Deadline
  • Award Level Adjustment
  • Appeal Deadlines - Academic Progress & Credit Extension Appeal 
  • Loans - Application Deadline, First-Time Borrowers & Single-Term Borrowers Refund Schedule

If you have any questions, please email or call 541-278-5759.

File Completion Deadlines

Please complete your file by the deadlines above so the funds can be available (if eligible) by tuition and fees due date. Tuition and fees are due by the end of the fifth day of the term. Completed files consist of:

  • completed FAFSA (signed and submitted)
  • completed BMCC Financial Aid Information Request (FAIR) form, and
  • ·other documentation needed for verification or requested by the Financial Aid office in yourStudent WolfWeb.

Applications/documents will still be accepted after the deadlines but a Financial Aid Offer may not be ready until after tuition and fees due date.

  • If eligible, funds will be applied to all prior terms attended when awarded.
  • If deadline is missed, you must find other ways to obtain books and supplies.
  • If deadline is missed, you can set up aninstallment planfor the tuition and fees according to college tuition deadlines.  

If paying for these expenses is not reasonable at this time, please consider waiting to enroll until you have been awarded by the Financial Aid Office

Award Level Adjustment

Your financial aid award must match your enrollment level. The Financial aid Office will check and adjust your award/enrollment level from before disbursement through the Deadline to Drop for Full Refund. Visit and click on the academic calendar to find the Deadline to Drop for Full Refund for each term. Information to consider:

  • The awards will not be adjusted after the Deadline to Drop for Full Refund even if a class is added late.
  • Awards will be cancelled due to lack of enrollment during a term and all subsequent terms.
  • Awards can be reinstated by the student by emailing the Financial Aid office at

Appeal Deadlines - Academic Progress (AP) and Credit Extension Appeal (CEA)

If you have been asked to complete an appeal, it is very important that you meet the established deadlines. Appeals received after the deadline will only be considered for reinstatement for future terms and NOT the current term. Students choosing to remain enrolled will be responsible for payment of tuition/fees and purchasing books/materials.

For detailed information about the SAP policy, visit BMCC's Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Policy.

Loans - For more information about student loans, please visit our Loan page.

For dates regarding application deadlines, first-time borrower stipend (refund) schedule, and single-term borrower stipend (refund) schedule, see our Dates and Deadlines.