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Residency for tuition purposes is determined at the time of admission.

  • Changes to residency status will be applied to future terms only
  • You are considered an Oregon resident for tuition purposes if you have established a permanent residence within the state at least 90 days prior to the beginning of the term. BMCC may ask you to provide information proving you meet the residence requirement.
  • You are considered an out-of-state if your permanent address is outside of Oregon unless you are a legal resident of one of the following states: California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, or Washington, 
  • You are considered an international student if you are required to have an I-20 immigration document
  • If you are Choice Act Veteran you must contact BMCC's Financial Aid office first to determine your eligibility
  • If a student changes residency to out of the state they will no longer be considered Oregon residents and out-of-state tuition fees would apply.