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Ordering Your Transcripts

Blue Mountain Community College has contracted with the National Student Clearinghouse for our online transcript request and delivery process.   Many colleges/universities across the U.S. are able to receive our transcripts electronically, however, it is best that you check with each college/university you plan to have your transcript sent to as you may need an email address for their college contact.   

Please be sure you have a debit or credit card available as we are no longer able to take your payments over the phone or in person.  Costs vary depending on delivery method ($7.25 or $9.00).

Current and Recent Students:  Log on to the Wolfweb - select one of the following options found under "Additional Resources"

  • Transcripts - Order an Official Transcript
  • Transcripts - View/print an unofficial

Options available when ordering your transcript are:

  • Electronic delivery - available as of February 8, 2019
  • Mai
  • Pick up (available only at the Pendleton Service Center).  Must have picture ID.

Inactive or Former Students: Log on to the National Student Clearinghouse site Online website to order your transcript. 

Blue Mountain Community College has authorized the National Student Clearinghouse to provide online transcript ordering and electronic delivery service.  This option will require the student to submit authentication documentation the first time this option is selected. 

If you would like assistance with the online process you may visit any one of our BMCC locations, call us at 541-278-5759, or email us at 

Third Party Pickup: If you wish to have someone other than yourself pick up your transcript you will need to include their full name on your transcript request.  Students or an approved third party must show picture ID when picking up transcripts. Transcripts may be picked up at BMCC's Pendleton Service Center located on the main floor of Morrow Hall, during normal business hours

Financial Holds: If you have a financial hold on your student account for a past due balance, your transcript will not be released until your account has been paid in full.

GED Transcripts:  BMCC does not issue GED transcripts.  To order your GED transcript: