Student Emergency Loans

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Student emergency book loans are designed to assist BMCC students in the time period between the start of classes and financial assistance refund and is primarily for the purpose of providing students a book voucher (for books only) to take to the BMCC Bookstore to purchase books and be ready for classes.


Students with financial assistance awards of amounts less than their tuition, fees, and textbook expenses who do not have financial assistance have an option to request an emergency book loan not to exceed $500.

To be eligible, students must demonstrate a need that is:

  • due to an emergency situation;
  • unanticipated in nature or the result of another unanticipated expense and not the result of poor planning;
  • not recurring in nature;
  • have financial means to cover the amount being requested (paycheck, pending scholarship funds, etc.).

To request an emergency book loan, complete the Emergency Loan Request Form and the Emergency Loan Promissory Note and return them to any BMCC Service Center location. Emergency book loan requests will take at least 48 hours or more to be approved.

After a final decision is made, Service Center staff will apply the approved amount to the student’s account and an email will be sent via the student’s email address notifying them of the decision.  A student can obtain the book voucher by going to any BMCC Service Center location. Student must have a valid photo ID. Service Center staff will print a book voucher for the student to take to the BMCC Bookstore to obtain their books. A student may be refused a book loan if they are accessing the emergency book loan account more than once per year.

A student is expected to repay the loan by the end of the issued term.   Failure to pay will result in a financial hold on the student’s account.  At the end of the issued term (approx. 60 days) the student’s account will be subject to college collections procedures.