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The Oregon Promise Grant is another funding source and grant opportunity for students interested in pursuing an education at an Oregon community college, such as BMCC. The Oregon Promise stems from Senate Bill 81, which the Oregon Legislature approved in the 2015 Legislative session. This page is intended to provide you with information about the Oregon Promise, who qualifies for funding, and how to apply.

Additional questions should be directed to BMCC's Student Financial Aid Office at 541-278-5759 or FinancialAid@bluecc.edu.

HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATING STUDENTS: You must apply for the Oregon Promise Grant AND fill out and submit the FAFSA to be eligible for the Oregon Promise Grant. Please see deadlines below.


In order to be considered for the 2019/2020 year

  • Complete your 2019/2020 FAFSA by June 1, 2019
  • Stay on track, watch the video
  • Complete your BMCC financial aid file, after completing your 19/20 FAFSA
  • Complete your First Year Experience (see below)

First Year Experience

At BMCC, students can meet the first year experience by completing at least two of the following:

  1. Completing the New Student Online Orientation;
  2. Meeting with a Success Coach at the beginning of the academic year;
  3. Attending Welcome to the Pack in September;
  4. Meeting with their Faculty Advisor sometime during the year.

This information is gathered and sent to OSAC throughout the year. If students would like to know if they have met the requirement already, please have them contact the Financial Aid Office at 541-278-5759 or email FinancialAid@bluecc.edu

Oregon Promise Renewal Requirement Waiver Request

Students must have been previously awarded an Oregon Promise Grant by OSAC to be considered waiver‐eligible. Waivers will not be processed for students who did not meet OSAC’s original award criteria by the appropriate deadline. This waiver request is to be used only in extreme circumstances such as a major accident, illness requiring hospitalization and follow‐up long‐term debilitating treatment/rehabilitation, or assisting an immediate family member who suffered a critical illness/injury or death. Victims of documented major natural disasters may be considered. The main reasons to waive a requirement are:

  • €Student – Critical Illness/Injury

  • €Immediate Family Member - Critical Illness/Injury/Death

  • €Major Natural Disaster

  • €Student did not meet Satisfactory Academic Progress for one or more terms (If the student was enrolled for at least 6 credits, but did not receive an OPG disbursement due to SAP issues.)

  • €Other – Military Duty, etc.

Please contact BMCC's Financial Aid Office at 541-278-5759 or at FinancialAid@bluecc.edu if you believe you meet the above conditions for a Renewal Requirement Waiver.

Oregon Promise Webinars

OSAC is offering several other financial aid webinars over the coming months – you can register for them here. A few of the topics include:

·         Finding Funds for Current and Former Foster Youth

·         OSAC Scholarships: Step by Step Application

·         OSAC Resources Available for DACA and Other Undocumented Students  (in English & Spanish)

Frequently Asked Questions


Oregon Promise School Counselors - Oregon Promise: How to Support Your Students video

OSAC WebsiteApply for Oregon Promise | Infographic

FAFSA Information | Apply for the FAFSA


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Application Deadlines

Oregon Promise has rolling deadlines based on when the student graduates. If you are graduating (or completing your GED) between October 1 and June 30, you can apply now.

High school graduation

or GED completion date

July 1 -

Nov. 30*

Oct. 1 -

Feb. 29*

Mar. 1 -

June 30

Must start college by

Winter Term Spring Term Fall Term

Deadline to complete both:

1) Oregon Promise Application


Nov. 1 Feb. 1 June 1

 *Graduating between Oct. 1 – Nov. 30: Apply for either Winter or Spring Term.