Intercollege Partnerships

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Eastern Oregon Collaborative Colleges Council (EOCCC)

BMCC, Treasure Valley Community College (TVCC), and Eastern Oregon University (EOU) have worked together in several academic disciplines to improve articulation opportunities for students, allowing them to share lower division course work among BMCC, TVCC, and EOU; to transfer those credits to EOU; and to complete upper division courses at EOU culminating in a four-year degree. For more information on the co-enrollment process, please go to the Service Center or call 541-278-5759.

Eastern Promise

Creating Early College experiences for students in Eastern Oregon When students have the opportunity to participate in college level courses and earn credits or certificates while still in high school, it means real financial savings for families today. Eastern Promise is a collaboration between Blue Mountain Community College, Eastern Oregon University, Treasure Valley Community College, the InterMountain Education Service District and school districts in Eastern Oregon. Increasing the number of students who are prepared to attend college directly from high school is the goal of Eastern Promise. Whether you’re a high school student pursuing college credits or an associate’s degree, a teacher or professor looking to connect with other Eastern Promise educators and students, a parent interested in learning how your child can get involved, or a community member curious to find out more, the resources you need are all here.

Oregon State University Dual Admission

Through an agreement with Oregon State University (OSU), BMCC students may be jointly admitted to BMCC and OSU and be eligible to enroll concurrently at both institutions. There is a joint application process for eligible students; the admission deadline is one week before the start of classes of each term based on OSU’s academic calendar. Students enrolled in the program are required, as a condition of admission, to agree that their student records will be shared between and available to each institution. For more information on this program, contact BMCC’s Office of Admissions and Records.

(Information based on the printed 2013-14 Academic Catalog)