Emergency Notification

In the case of an emergency situation on any BMCC campus, notification will be sent in the following ways:

  1. Associate Vice President's or Building Emergency Coordinator's will notify all individuals located in the affected area by voice.
  2. Alarms will be activated at the affected location.
  3. A message will be sent to all phones at the affected location.
  4. A message will be sent to all computers at the affected location.

To get updated information on an emergency situation at any of our locations:

  • Check the website (www.bluecc.edu) Home Page News
  • Call your local BMCC location
    • Pendleton - 541-276-1260
    • Hermiston - 541-567-1800
    • Milton-Freewater - 541-938-7176
    • Baker County - 541-523-9127
    • No. Morrow County - 541-481-2099
    • So. Morrow County - 541-422-7040
    • Grant County - 541-575-1550

The City of Pendleton has a service available called Code Red.  Click the link to sign up and receive notifications of emergency situations in Pendleton directly.  In order to be notified of college emergencies you need to use the college address (2411 NW Carden Ave, Pendleton, OR 97801) when signing up.  You can sign up for this service from any phone regardless of location, but will only be notified of Pendleton situations.

To view the complete BMCC Emergency Response and Crisis Plan, Click Here.