Farm Business Management Program

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The Farm Business Management (FBM) is a nationally recognized farm and ranch management program designed to assist owners and managers design a recordkeeping, accounting and planning program for their farm or ranch. This on-site one to one instruction meets individual situations introducing modern financial management tools and techniques while maintaining confidentiality. The FBM program is a part of the Small Business Management Program (SBDC) and taking this program may meet requirements for some Agricultural lenders. Contact Doug Lamerson at 541-278-5831 or  email for further information.

Learning Opportunities:

  • 100-Acre Farm
  • Center Pivot & Irrigation Systems Design, Construction & Practices
  • Forage and Range Management, Row, Grain, Seed and Alternative Crops
  • Livestock (cattle & sheep)--Animal Nutrition, Breeding & Conformation
  • Animal Health & Artificial Insemination in cattle
  • Horticulture (Greenhouse propagation of flowers, ornamentals & vegetables)
  • Pest Management and Disease Control for Crops, Plants & Animals
  • Agriculture Shop skills in Construction & Welding
  • Agriculture Business Management, Computer Technology, Accounting
  • Value-Added Production and Marketing & Public Relations
  • Precision Agriculture – GPS, Farm Implements, Weather Technology