Pharmacy Technician - Overview


Pharmacy technicians must have a broad knowledge of pharmacy practice, and be skilled in the techniques required to work in a variety of pharmacy settings.  Pharmacy technicians may perform many of the same duties as the pharmacist to prepare medications to be dispensed to the patient.  All of a technician’s work must be checked by a pharmacist before medication can be dispensed.  Pharmacy technicians may work in hospital pharmacies, retail pharmacies, home health care pharmacies, nursing home pharmacies, clinic pharmacies, nuclear medicine pharmacies, and in mail order prescription pharmacies and for third party payment plans such as insurance companies.  Currently, hospital and retail pharmacies hire the majority of pharmacy technicians.

The role of the pharmacy technician in today’s practice is quite demanding and accuracy working in a sometimes busy and stressful situation is crucial to the safety of the patient.   It is essential that the pharmacy technician be precise and exact when preparing medications to be dispensed to the patient.

The courses developed for the Pharmacy Technician Program are designed to give the student the skills to perform duties required of the pharmacy technician in both institutional (hospital and long term care facilities) and retail or community pharmacies.  The course work will be rigorous and require dedication and commitment from the student.  This is a full time program and the student should plan to spend two to three hours of preparation for each credit of class work studying the material.  It is essential that assignments be completed on time and accurately.