Occupational Therapy

 Occupational Therapy Assistant

Program Start Date:  Fall 2013

Application Period: April 23, 2013 through 5 p.m. on May 7, 2013
Application Materials Sent to:

LBCC:  Must complete LBCC's online admission application process

BMCC: Supporting documentation for application and $80 Application fee (check made out to LBCC)

Admission Selection by:  BMCC based on BMCC's point system and interview process
Number Accepted for BMCC:  Up to two (2) students annually

  Blue Mountain Community College (BMCC)
in partnership with
Linn-Benton Community College (LBCC)

Blue Mountain Community College and Linn Benton Community College have partnered to bring the Occupational Therapy Assistant Program program to Eastern Oregon. This is a two-year associate degree program designed to prepare the student to function as an entry-level occupational therapy assistant (OTA). OTAs work under the supervision of occupational therapists to help clients develop, maintain, and/or regain health and function through the use of purposeful activity. They address physical, mental, and social components of activity as they work with clients to improve the underlying cause of impairment and/or to adapt activities for client success. Traditional students attend class on the LBCC campus while distance education students attend classes in real time via the Internet allowing participation from remote sites. Graduates will be eligible and prepared to sit for the national certification examination.

The LBCC Occupational Therapy Assistant program is a two-year Associate Degree program accredited by the Accreditation Council for Occupational Therapy Education.

General Information

The program follows a hybrid delivery model. Traditional students attend class on the LBCC campus while distance education students attend classes in real time via the internet allowing participation from remote sites.   Laboratory and clinical portions are delivered locally and at partner sites.

A cohort of 24 students will be admitted to each class which includes students from participating community colleges in Oregon.

Students will develop an understanding of occupational therapy theory and practice, including activity analysis and problem solving for helping clients meet their goals. Successful graduates will be eligible and prepared to sit for the national certification examination and to function as entry-level occupational therapy assistants in a variety of practice settings.

Career Information:

Occupational therapy assistants help people who have mental, physical, or developmental disabilities. Their goal is to help patients live more independently. Major employers include hospitals, nursing homes, schools, rehabilitation centers, and occupational therapists’ offices. The number of jobs for occupational therapy assistants nationwide is expected to grow much faster than the average through the year 2018.

In Oregon, the annual entry-level wage for occupational therapy assistants is $38,930 per year. The average annual median wage in Oregon is $47,420, and the average top wage is $54,430. The national entry level wage is $31,150 per year. The national median wage is $48,230 per year, and the top wage is $65,160 per year.

For more information on careers, plus the current employment outlook, visit the Career Center located in Takena Hall 101, Albany, Oregon.


2013 Information, Dates, and Deadlines

Program Dates:  Fall 2013 through Spring 2015

Estimated Cost:  $17,865 (costs subject to change)

Application Period: April 23, 2013 to 5 p.m. May 7, 2013  Applications received prior to or after these dates will not be considered.

Points Letter:  Emailed the week of June 17, 2013

Admission Decision: Emailed the week of June 25, 2013

Non-Refundable Deposit (Admitted Students Only): $2,500 due to LBCC in August 2013

Online Education Module:  Admitted students will receive information on the day, time, and location of this orientation to be held at LBCC's Lebanon campus.

2013 Admission, Point System, and Application Information

Pre-Requisite Course Requirements

Fall 2013 Admission and Point System

To apply for our program complete and return:

1. BMCC & LBCC Occupational Therapy Assistant - Distance Education 2013 Application Checklist.  Be sure to include all forms listed on the checklist.  

2. LBCC's Distance Education Occupational Therapy Fall 2013 application packet.  Be sure to include all pages of the application packet.


Applicants must include two (2) official transcripts for each regionally accredited college attended that coursework was considered in meeting the requirements of this program.  One transcript should be issued to BMCC and the other to LBCC.  Both official transcripts should be included in your application packet to BMCC.  BMCC will forward your application materials to LBCC.  Note - transcripts opened by the student are considered "unofficial" .

If you took coursework from BMCC you will be required to request an official BMCC transcript to be sent to LBCC with your application materials.  You may request your BMCC transcript by completing BMCC's Transcript Request form.

For more information about this program please contact  Helen Doherty at 541.278.5954 or by email to hdoherty@bluecc.edu