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Thank you for your interest in the BMCC Dental Assisting Program. We're extremely proud of the school, the program and local support we receive from dental practices throughout eastern Oregon and southeastern Washington.

The Dental Assisting Technician program began in 1965. Since that time the program has had over 500 graduates and has been continuously accredited by the American Dental Association on Dental Accreditation.

For more information about our program please contact our Dental Department at (541) 278-5876 or by email to

The program is accredited by the American Dental Association's Commission on Dental Accreditation and by the United States Department of Education.  Graduating students are eligible to take the Dental Assisting National Board Examinations: Infection Control,  Radiation Health and Safety, and General Chairside Examination.  Successful graduates receive a Certificate - Dental Assisting Technician and are eligible to apply for the Oregon Expanded Function and Radiological Proficiency Certificates.

Career Information:

Dental assistants help dentists with patient care, office tasks and lab duties. They work closely with dentists as they examine and treat patients. They make patients as comfortable as possible in the dental chair. They obtain dental records and prepare patients for their exam. Dental assistants hand instruments and materials to dentists during procedures. They use suction devices to keep patients' mouth dry and clear. They also sterilize the instruments and equipment and prepare tray setups. When patients have surgery, dental assistants instruct them in postoperative care. They also teach patients about general oral health care, such as how to control plaque. In addition, they record exam and treatment information in patients's charts.  

In Oregon, starting wages for certified dental assistants average about $13.23 per hour, and the median wage is $17.66.  Top wages average about $18.75 per hour.  Nationally, the median wage is $15.98.

Oregon has about 4,300 dental assistants.  Employment is expected to grow much faster than average through the year 2018.  Demand is significant.

For more information on careers, plus the current employment outlook, access the Oregon Career Information System (CIS).

2014/15 Dental Assisting Technician:  Program Admission and Pre-Admit Course Requirements

Below is a link to the list of courses required for admission to our program. Transfer students should work with a BMCC academic advisor to determine if coursework taken at a prior college and or university can be accepted towards meeting one or more these requirements.

Pre-Admit Course requirements

2013-2014 Program Costs


Application Period Opens: January 13, 2014

Positions will be filled on a first-come first-completed basis.  All pre-admission requirements mut be met in order to be considered for full admission to our program.


2014-2015 Dental Assisting Information and Application Packet

Complete and return the following:

  1. BMCC Admission Application with $25 admit fee (This fee is waived if student has already paid the admit fee during the 2013-2014 academic year or has had less than a two year break of enrollment.  Enrollment does not include coursework taken while in high school.)
  2. BMCC's 2014-15 Dental Assisting Admission Application form  (form is on page 14 of application packet)
  3. BMCC Dental Assisting Technician - Statement of Understanding and Compliance (form is on page 15 of application packet)
  4. Official high school transcript or GED transcript
  5. Copy of valid driver's license or birth certificate

Transfer Students - If you wish to have credits earned from another regionally accredited college/s evaluated toward program entry requirements, please have an official grade transcript sent directly to BMCC, attention: Dental Admission's.

Mandatory Dental Orientation for all Fall 2014 applicants:  Wednesday, June 4, 2014,  Pendleton campus, Room HE-115, 9 a.m. - Noon.

This application packet includes the following forms and information about our program:

a) Program information,
b) Intended Program Outcomes,
c) Technical Standards,
d) Immunization information,
e) Program Prerequisite Course/Placement/GPA Requirements, 
f)  Estimated Program Costs (2014/15 programs costs),
g) Application information, process and deadlines,
h) Criminal background Check/List of Disqualifying Offenses, and
i)  Program Application Form/Statement of Understanding and Compliance

Dental Course Descriptions

For questions about admissions to this program please call (541) 278-5758 or (541) 278-5167 or send an email to